Wallpaper Nails

Hello my lovelies!

I have been a very bad, neglecting blogger indeed- my apologies, I've been so ill the past few weeks I've barely been able to shower unassisted, let alone do anything creative on my nails! Combination of flu, virus and general run down-ness. I'm back though, and today I'm sharing my new favourite mani with you (does everyone else also decide that whatever they're currently wearing is their favourite mani...Fickle, moi?)

I recently got my nails on For Audrey, a China Glaze that's really similar to the jeweller's Tiffany bags. I recently discovered that Tiffany Blue is actually a trademarked colour by Tiffany the company, which seems slightly frivolous to me...but it is a pretty damn sexy colour so I kind of see their point. Take a look at the swatch below and you'll see what a gorgeous creme it is.

I then stamped over it with Bundle Monster plate BM20, and used Konad Special Polish in white.
Whilst I'm on the topic of stamping -does anyone know of any good stamping whites available in the UK? I know the Sally Hansen ones are meant to be amazeballs, and the Kleancolour ones, but they're prettty expensive over here, so I may as well buy the Konad ones! Until I've got enough spare cash to organise a swap I'm a bit stuffed.

(also, apologies for the dry cuticles in the outside pictures....why is it you only notice these things once they're uploaded on your computer and the mani is long gone?!)

I love love LOVE this mani- my boyfriend commented that it looked like vintage wallpaper, and I'm inclined to you think if I took it to the homeware shop wearing these they could match it up for me?

wallpaper nails

Oh it's good to be back!




  1. I agree, it does look like wallpaper! Love that stamp and it turned out very nice :)

  2. Yes you are right it looks like wallpaper! This mani is beautiful, the color & stamping matches good together :-D

  3. this is amazing! I definitely need that stamping plate.

  4. This looks awesome! Also, I just wanted to tell you that I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award. you can check it out on my blog. Thanks! :)

  5. Very nice! I love how delicate looking it is!

  6. It looks amazing. If I'd have that stamp I'd use it all the time! :D

  7. Thanks so much Holly! My first blog award! And thanks for the lovely comments guys :)


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