Nails Inc. Polka Tips

Howdy folks!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend with lots of rest and relation. I have been exceptionally lazy and done NOTHING apart from walk the dog and watch copious amounts of Dexter!
I've got a mani to show you that I did a while ago, when my nails were pretty long. I used Nails Inc. Pembrose Close, and Strawberry Hill on the tips. Regular white polish with a dotting tool and voila! 

<> <>
Nails. Inc - Strawberry Hill
Originally I was going to leave the pink tips plain, but then I thought a bit of white would make them pop a little more. I love it, it was so simple to do but made my mani look really different!

ALSO- I have had an extra bit of thrill this weekend as I've just bought a new camera with my birthday money....! Canon S95, so excited for it to turn up this week!



MAC Pink Freeze, tips included!

Good afternoon my fellow polish mites!
More guest nails today (you've probably forgotten what mine look like!)
I really wanted to practise doing nail tip stamps on someone else other than myself, as it's really tricky. I've just about nailed it on my own nails, but trying to do it on someone else's is a right pain in the arse! It ends up sloping up towards the nail bed, I had to be really vigilant about keeping the stamper level.
The pink is MAC Pink Freeze, a really lovely frosted shade. Three coats for full opacity, then some Seche over for it to dry. I used Konad Special Polish in Blue to stamp, and then my Bundle Monster plate BM17. 

I'm pretty chuffties with the end result! I like the contrast of the colours and the vintage-esque pink. And seeing as I did her nail tips, my friend tipped me right back with some Konad stamping polish in black as a thankyou! So pleased, I can finally chuck that crappy Born Pretty smudgy black of doom!
Love to all,

<><><><><><> <> <><><><><><> <> <><><><><><> <>
pretentious arty shot for luck

Stamping in the Buff

Greetings all!

Short but sweet post today- continuing my theme of guest nails!

I did my sister Lydia's nails over Christmas, and as she's a solicitor it needed to be something less OTT and more sophistated *puts away neon pink whilst softly weeping*

She decided on some pretty stamping, and I have to say I absolutely love what she chose. I never would have picked it out for a design myself but I LOVE the combo!

I used Boots No. 7 So Simple for the base, and then used about a million different plates for the stamps as she wanted a different design on every nail- Konad m2 and m3, fauxnad m20, and probably a few others too! I only had Born Pretty's stamping polish in black, and it wasn't the best to work with- I know from experience that it smudges really badly when you put your Seche Vite on, unless you give them an hour to thoroughly dry.

left hand
right hand
I didn't know I was capable of classy nails....!



Sweet Talkin' Sugar Coated Candy Nails

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all had a wondrous Christmas and an excellent new years eve! I've been travelling all over the place to see family so haven't been around at all or managed to properly chill out. Also I STILL don't have a battery for my laptop (the perils of buying from Hong Kong- delivery time sucks!) so I'm afraid you'll have to put up with my crappy quality pictures from my phone for a bit longer!

I think I have FINALLY mastered the sellotape mani.....! I only botched two nails, as opposed to every single one like I did last time. Result!

I used Color Club Paris White (nightmare application, I seem to have that with most whites. Two coats and then touch ups for the bald spots) and then Seche Vite to make it dry quicker. I've found that waiting for a few hours before sellotaping works SO much better.

I cut tiny strips of sellotape for the stripes and used my current favourite polish, China Glaze Ruby Pumps for the candy bits. This polish is so so so amazing- one coat so it was perfect for this, and it's so sparkly!

<> <>
blurred to see the sparklies
I kept this on for four days, all over Christmas, and I think it's my most commented on mani to date! Shop assistants were loving it, definitely an eye catcher. The only negative comment I have it that when I used Seche over as a topcoat, it dragged the red. I even waited for two hours so it would all dry properly and NOT drag, but there's tiny veins over the white that are probably imperceptable to anyone but OCD me! You can see in the above picture that my index finger is smeared, and also a has a different slant to the stripes compared to the rest of the nails...that came straight off and was re-done *twitch*

right hand
And now it's all over and there are no more Christmas nails :( I do have two more awesome ones to share though....unfortunately the pictures are on the laptop of DOOM so I might have to commit a blogging faux pax and post them way after Christmas! Don't judge me!
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