Coffee Neons


Continuing my neon frenzy, I've got a very bright french manicure to show you today! I've just cut all my nails down as I had a few peelies (after a week of not bothering with maintenance) so am currently looking at my lovely long talons in these pics and quietly weeping over my nubbins!

What I used:

base - Sally Hansen Iced Coffee
thumb - H&M
index- Color Club Jackie Oh!
middle - China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada
ring - China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
pinky -  Barry M Blue

artifical light

I love the combination of the simple nude polish and the bright tips- Jackie Oh! proved to be an absolute bitch to photograph though, neons can be so temperamental. It looks quite red but in reality it was hardcore pink.

with flash

artifical light
I briefly did a similar manicure with pastel tips, but it only lasted a few hours as I did someone else's nails and they got wrecked. Once I grow out my nubbins it's first on my list!




  1. I absolutely love it :) I put it on my to-do list, with a tiny change: I'll use a pinkier base, for browns just don't suit me.

  2. So cute! It looks like your nails got a tan. : )

  3. amazing colours and super cute blog! xx

  4. I love the colors and I left you an award on my blog:

  5. Great combination of brown and neon. It's different and I like it! Pinned!

  6. Spectacular! I love it!


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