Twiggie's Zebra

Good day folks!

Absolutely loving the nail colours knocking about recently- neons and pastels are both in abundance, and although they are pretty much totally opposing themes I adore them both! Approximately 98% of my posts for the rest of this year will be variants of these two....just to warn you. 

This is a recent mani I did with one of Color Club's Poptastic collection colours ( CC do rock out some amazing neons). I added the zebra print after with a Konad plate and stamp- my pictures aren't really doing it justice to be honest. But photographing neons seems to give everyone hassle so at least I'm not alone!

What I used:

Color Club Twiggie
Konad Special Polish Black
Konad plate m57
Seche Vite

indoors w/ flash
This just POPPED so much in person. Most people commented on how I'd blinded them with it - their eyesight was a neccessary sacrifice to the nail polish gods.

outdoors, natural light
What do you guys think of neons? Love em or hate em?

Til next time,



  1. That's an in-your-face manicure that rocks :)

  2. One of my favorite colors and images woot!

  3. Impossible to get tired of neons!
    Kinda punk mani - I like it! xoxo

  4. oooh i love this!! the greens perfect

  5. I just wore Twiggie over the weekend! It's definitely a very poptastic color :)

  6. This makes me so excited to start stamping! very awesome mani!

  7. I love neons myself and really like how you paired it with zebra print - very statement nails. Pinned!


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