Invasion of the British

So, I might be a bit bit late with the whole invasion of the British thing- I know Union flags on nails have been done a billion times before- but I just thought I'd share my ones because they took fooking ages!

Did these over Jubilee weekend but never got round to blogging about them. I think I got a bit sick of being British to be honest- what with the wedding, the Jubilee, Wimbledon, I ODed a bit on the whole patriotism thing. But I am loving the Olympics so I thought I'd get back in the game!

These looked a lot better in person than in pictures, boo. This is my favoured technique- I always try and use tape where I can because a) I'm lazy and b) they make nice crisp lines.

I used:

OPI Nail Envy (blue is a bitch for staining)
OPI Ogre The Top Blue
Rimmel Double Decker Red
Revlon White
Seche Vite
Tiny art brush

My red polish was a tiny bit gloopy and quickly became a NIGHTmare to work with. Next time I'll use an OPI or an Essie, as they're slightly more watery and easier to apply.

Also, I have been informed that a Union Jack is in fact only a Jack when it's on the side of a ship. Otherwise it's a plain old Union flag. Trivia of the day!



  1. great job! and i didn't know that about the union jack. you learn something new everyday

  2. These look gorgeous sweetie. I'm loving the Olympics at the minute, and getting far too into every sport we're in :/ xx

  3. yes, perhaps your are a bit late for UK flags ;-) but your results are better than mine....


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