A Very British Mess

So...I'm not really sure what's going on with this manicure today. It's a sort of British themed splodge fest. A Splodge-icure?! I was trying to think outside the box with some Team GB nail art. Maybe I should just stick to something Union-y. I do like the way it looks like a pretentious modern art canvas though.

I used:

Revlon White
OPI Big Apple Red
OPI Ogre The Top Blue
Striping brush
Poshe top coat

I did one coat of white, then once that was dry a really thick coat, blobbed the blue and red polish on and used a striping brush to drag it.

ALSO. I used Poshe for the first time ever- not impressed. It gave me bubbles!! Which you can see if you look at my middle finger. I have NEVER had this with my usual lifesaver, Seche Vite. Anyone else ever get Poshe bubbles?

They kind of look like suns...or possibly an alien foetus. Broad spectrum there!



  1. I really like them it's nice to see something different on a very widely used theme at the moment great job x

  2. They kinda look like blue and red Sea Urchines:) Def cute though!!!! I have used Poshe a few times and got bubbles or streaks and in one case both, I Stick with SV it is my all time fav!!!!

  3. It looks like they're trying to attack each other -- or maybe it's just a patriotic hug. Totally dig it! :)

  4. wow i love this! id love to see it with other colors too, i think i'll have to try this one out myself :)

  5. I LOVE this!! It came out amazing!

  6. Pretentious modern art canvas? Nah - it looks totally fab!


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