9 Days of Shimmer - Day 5, Karina & Pearls

9 Days of Shimmer - Day 5
I'm so excited about today's polish. This is one of the most beautiful glitters I've ever worn, it's simply stupendous. Karina is purply, pink, red and black glittery goodness with holographic particles- the depth is insane, you can see from the pictures how many facets there are to this polish. Application was so perfect, and the shine was so high on it I feel like it should be classed as a glitter jelly. The pictures below aren't 100% colour accurate (which is really pissing me off) as the colour is slightly more vibrant than it looks. I layered it over China Glaze Ruby Pumps and used two topcoats of Poshe.

 I got so many comments on this polish, it was a real eye-catcher. The girl who served me at Boots asked me if my polish was OPI- I tried to explain about Etsy and indie polish, but I was met with the blank stare of a Nuggle.

I wanted to do some simple art, and I thought some pearl hearts would suit the pink. I used some tiny pearls from a craft shop, painted a clear top coat on the patches I wanted to stick them to, and then before it dried plopped them in place. I put another layer of Poshe on to secure them- and man they are SECURE, these babies aren't going anywhere!
I'm definitely going to re-create the pearl effect with some other designs, so simple but pretty.
Four more polishes to go in my Shimmer series! Tomorrow I'll be showing one of the more unusual glitters. See you then!

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