9 Days of Shimmer - Day 6, Airriann & Polka Dots

9 Days of Shimmer - Day 6
When I first saw this polish in the bottle, I thought 'yeah, pretty I guess,' and that was it- I wasn't blown away. BUT. I was totally wrong to be 'meh'- how awesome is this glitterbomb?! I had no idea what to wear as underwear for it, so I thought I'd stick with something totally neutral so all the different colours would stand out. Cult Nails Mazo is a lovely nude colour with a hint of gold shimmer, which suited it perfectly. I wouldn't even know what colour category to put Airriann in- brown? Gold? It's completely multi-coloured. Look at the close up bottle shot in the picture below- epic glitter going on right there. Hexes, squares, iridescent, red, blue, gold, orange, green- this polish is sheer art.  

Sorry about the copious picture spam there, I'm just in love with this polish. Every angle makes it look a different colour. I wasn't sure if I wanted to even add anything to it, I felt like I was wearing jewellery on my nails! But I got out my dotting tool and added a few pretty little polkas in H&M's Golden Treasure, which really brought out the gold.
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  1. I've been wanting to buy this polish and now I HAVE to have it!! <3

  2. I love glitter :)
    amazing nails!


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