2true Review- Glitterati Aqua

Continuing from on from my last post (reviewing the 2true New Season nail polishes), I've got the third polish from the Glitterati to show you. I had to give this polish its own post, as it's such a beautiful creation I felt it deserved the extra attention! It's a jelly glitter in a deep blue base, and it's packed with flat glitters that give it so much depth when layered. The below pictures are three coats, and a layer of Seche Vite to smooth out the glitter. 
Application was easier than some glitters, but a tiny bit fiddly when trying to get a smooth cuticle curve- if you're OCD about a neat outline at the top of your nail like I am, I would recommend layering it over another similar coloured polish, as it will be a lot more controllable. I really wanted to show it off though, so I just layered it over a clear base coat. 

I had a bit of fun on my right hand, and used striping tape over white polish to create a criss cross effect. This polish really reminded me of a mermaid tale, so perhaps I was subconsciously trying to re-create fish scales! 
Isn't it gorgeous? I loves me some glitter!
Keep your eyes peeled for my third and final post on the 2true polishes- I've got three of the Crystal Couture collection to share with you!
Til then,

These 2true polishes are available exclusively at Superdrug stores from December- £1.99 each or 3 for £4.99. 

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