2true Review - New Season Nails! Glitterati & Chic Neutrals

Hello all!
I recently got sent some polishes from 2true to review- they're launching 9 new shades on December 5th exclusively in Superdrug, just in time for the party season! They sent me 8 out of the 9, so I'll be spreading them over three posts to avoid photo spamming you all. As always, I'll mix the swatches up with a bit of nail art to keep it a bit more interesting.

They're split into three groups- Crystal Couture, Glitterati and Chic Neutals. I have to say, I was so pleasantly surprised with the formula of these polishes. The Chic Neutrals were in-between a creme and a jelly, and they applied like an absolute dream, and were totally opaque in two perfect shiny coats. All the glitters were packed with large and small hexes and tiny iridescent sparkles, so you really get a decent bang for your buck. 

First up- Mushroom and Sapphire. This is two coats of Mushroom and one thick coat of Sapphire, topped with a coat of Seche Vite. Whereas Mushroom was effortless to apply, Sapphire was a bit more difficult as it was a tiny bit gloopy. However, with glitter this dense, it's a small price to pay as you get so much from each coat. I did the triangle shape by putting a piece of sellotape over my (thoroughly dried) base coat and painting the glitter polish over it, and peeling it off whilst the polish was still wet. Very easy way to make your nails stand out!
Next up: Soft Grey and Fairy Dust. I absolutely LOVE pink and grey together (as you can see here and here) so when I saw these two polishes I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Glitter gradients are my fave party nails- easy, sparkly and perfect for parties. 

Soft Grey was also an amazing formula and super easy to apply, it slid on like butter. Lovely shine on it as well, it really didn't need topcoat. Fairy Dust was similar to Sapphire, in that it was a tad gloopy- I would recommend using these polishes over a base coat instead of alone, it makes them much easier to control- but the pink glitter was soooo gorgeous and looks a LOT more expensive than it is. 
And here's the two Chic Neutrals by themselves- Soft Grey is with Seche Vite topcoat, and Mushroom is without, so you can see how shiny it is. I absolutely love Soft Grey, I think it's become my new go-to grey for nail art.
Stay tuned for Aqua, the last of the Glitterati, and my favourite of the collection (I love it so much it has its own post) and three of the Crystal Coutures!

These 2true polishes are available exclusively at Superdrug stores from December- £1.99 each or 3 for £4.99.


  1. I just LOVE these glitters with the grey polish!!

    1. Me too, something about the glitterbomb with neutral grey really works!


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