Candy Canes

These nails are from before Christmas (so only six months overdue....ahem) but I had to share them because I just loved them so much. My nails were super long back then - I'm currently growing out my nubbins, or trying to! I do love them longer, I'm much more inclined to experiment with nail art when I've got a bigger canvas.

 I used Revlon White as the base, and let them dry over night (I try to always do this when using tape in manicures) then cut Sellotape to various sizes - a feat in itself, you end up with tiny shreds of it all over the bloody place. Then I popped the tape on and applied China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, and used tweezers to instantly peel the tape off.  
I've got one other Christmas manicure lurking in the minnows to put up as's not overtly Christmassy so hopefully I won't be judged too badly *hides*


  1. Gorgeous, love it for Christmas

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