Popping my watermarble cherry

So here’s my first proper blog- tried my hand at watermarbling for the first time!

I used Barry M no. 303 Bright Purple, Nails Inc no. 510 Strawberry Hill, Nails Inc Saville Row, and Seche Vite as a topcoat.

My technique was just to put droplets of nail varnish into a cup filled with water, then use a toothpick to gently create patterns in the polish. I put sellotape around my fingernails before I dunked them into the water, in an attempt to minimise getting it absolutely everywhere.
   I initially tried to use some Avon colours, as their polish has some gorgeous bright shades, but that went DRASTICALLY wrong! When I tried to drag my toothpick through the Avon colours in the water, the pattern totally broke apart. I think it might be to do with the fact that Avon use acrylic in their varnish- which works really well to combat chipping, but I guess it’s too thick to use for watermarbling.

N.B. These pics are before cleanup-  I totally forgot to take some pics after cleanup until two days later, and by then I had tip wear! It makes me twich a little bit as I'm really OCD about tidy nails!

Also, I LOVE the accidental little Nike tick on my right index finger…..think I could get them to pay me for advertising?

Really happy with how it turned out, especially as it’s my first crack at it- however, such a messy clean up! Even though I taped my fingers off it took an age to get all the polish off my hands. Good fun though, and everyone comments on it!


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  1. this is SOOO clever! i've never seen this before but it makes me want to try!!


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