So I've finally tried my hand at a splatter manicure! Very exciting stuff. I used two layers of OPI Nail Envy (standard), then put on two coats of gray- Mavala no. 217 'New-York' on, then used Leighton Denny 'Do Me a Flavour' in orange for the paint effect, as well as Avon 'Viva Pink'. Absolutely loved the contrast between the bright colours and the gray, it gave it a really modern vibe. 

I half cheated on the splatter- I used the straw method as well as just putting a dollop of varnish on and spreading it with a dotting tool (see my left pinky for an example!) I found the straw method a bit unreliable for creating the right effect- sometimes it looked awesome but other times it came out like a huge blob and looked crap. I topped the mani of with two layers of SV and it made it so glossy and lovely.

Not happy with the fact that I've had it on for an afternoon and I already have tip wear on my thumb...! Not sure if it's my extreme clumsiness or the fact that there's quite a lot of layers involved so it's bound to get a bit raggedy.  

Might have gotten a tad picture happy with this one so bear with me.......

I love it! Really hoping it lasts a decent amount of time. Although I am looking forward to experimenting with some dotting this space!



  1. Wow! Impressive! I admire everyone who tries this :)

  2. Thanks muchly! Although my polish splattered coffee table is less impressed....!


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