MAC Pink Freeze, tips included!

Good afternoon my fellow polish mites!
More guest nails today (you've probably forgotten what mine look like!)
I really wanted to practise doing nail tip stamps on someone else other than myself, as it's really tricky. I've just about nailed it on my own nails, but trying to do it on someone else's is a right pain in the arse! It ends up sloping up towards the nail bed, I had to be really vigilant about keeping the stamper level.
The pink is MAC Pink Freeze, a really lovely frosted shade. Three coats for full opacity, then some Seche over for it to dry. I used Konad Special Polish in Blue to stamp, and then my Bundle Monster plate BM17. 

I'm pretty chuffties with the end result! I like the contrast of the colours and the vintage-esque pink. And seeing as I did her nail tips, my friend tipped me right back with some Konad stamping polish in black as a thankyou! So pleased, I can finally chuck that crappy Born Pretty smudgy black of doom!
Love to all,

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pretentious arty shot for luck

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