9 Days of Shimmer - Day 7, Melissa & Leopard

So...I've been absent for a while! Huge apologies to anyone who's noticed- I've had a really bad month, mainly with illness, my dog getting spayed, and also the traumatic death of my laptop. It's untimely death resulted in me losing ALL of my pictures....ever! It was totally soul-destroying, but I've since picked myself up and re-done most of the manicures I lost. Hopefully the rest of my pictures are salvageable somehow. And I learned my lesson- BACK UP EVERYTHING! I am an idiot.

Self- flagellation over, onto the last of my Shimmer Series. Today I'm sharing Melissa, a beautiful Christmassy colour- the main glitters are purple, pink, red and gold. I layered it over Barry M Vivid Purple.

Then I thought I'd bling it out a bit with some stamping, and used Barry M Gold Foil and my Konad plate M57 for the leopard. The gold looked soooo good with the purples and pinks! I felt like I was wearing expensive wrapping paper on my nails.

Hope you guys are all good,
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  1. Very nice I am a glitter girl myself it is just hard to get off. I would love to see a video tutorial of you using your konad stamps I know it is not rocket science but mine do not turn out as good as yours

    1. Cheers love! I'm a bit scared to do video tutorials but would love to have a go. Stay tuned...I might have a try soon :)

  2. Welcome back! That Shimmer Polish mani with the stamps is awesome! So pretty

    1. Aw thanks so much! I know, I am loving the stamping over glitter massively, I can't imagine wearing plain glitter again!


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