I had a very productive weekend- spending two hours on a manicure never seems like a waste of time, does it? My first attempt at a tape mani and it turned out better than I expected. I had a slight mishap when my mischievious little dog Lola decided that the bits of tape stuck on the side of the coffee table were definitely the BEST thing ever to try and steal! Took me bloody ages to cut them all to the right size as well!
I used OPI Wing It! as the glittery pink base, it took three coats to get a decent coverage. I used Avon Green With Envy as the topcoat- bit of a sham if you ask me, as you can see from the pics it's basically black, without the depth of a black polish though! And indoors it looks more grey. I did each finger one by one so I could pull the tape of instantly, minimising pulling on the varnish. I had to use masking tape as that's all I had, but apparently scotch tape is the best option. Seche Vite to give it a nice shine, and a quick two hours later it was done!
I'm not massively thrilled with it (mainly because of the colours) so I think I'll try it again soon with something that pops more!

I loved my pinky finger so I've put that in as it's the best one (and craftily edited out the crappier ones!)



  1. I actually really like this!! I haven't seen a tape mani in this exact design before. I'll have to remember it. I think it would have really popped with a sparkly vibrant red. I just found your blog, and I love it! The background is pretty.... and maybe reminds me of nail polish and acetone on paper after removing a mani... heh...


  2. ah this made me lol - good old Lola :) looks good too xx

  3. Thanks guys! I think you're right Maria- next time I will definitely try red as a base x


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