Anchors Away

Ahoy there mateys!
Bit of a nautical one here, I've wanted to do a sailor manicure for a while and I've been meaning to use my anchor stamp for ages. I didn't come out very well over the blue, so I touched it up with a bit of acrylic red paint (which has freaked my camera out a bit and made it look pink)
I used Revlon White, and China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway as the blue base. The stamp is QA5 - it didn't really pick up the anchor properly as it's a cheap stamp so I pretty much just used it as a rough guide and painted over it with a tiny paintbrush and acrylic paint.
I initially wanted to do an anchor on every nail, but it literally took me an hour to do two as they were so fiddly, so there was no way I was going to waste the rest of my 20s painting the rest!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks fab! You have way more patience than I do if it took 1 hr to do the one anchor! I love a nautical look - esp since I live on the ocean - it works yr round here and not just for 'in season' I think it's called when it's still cold most places and folks head south for destination 'warm' spots - that used to be called something in retail and travel lands...there used to be a little push of resort wear right after all the holiday junk is cleared out in support of that in season thing...not sure it's still something done (you can tell I don't haunt retail that much). I saw a free hand anchor done and they used a dotting tool to put a little hole in the top of the anchor like where the tie would go through it to toss it overboard...I really would go for this look again - it's a keeper...surprised you used the Revlon white - not one of my fav whites as it's kind of thin - least my bottle I tried at a friend's house was...I don't use that much optic white right now and I think I have OPI Alpine Snow and White on White from China Glaze...for a # of yrs folks raved about Essie Marshmallow - I bought a bottle and it was so thin - almost like a sheer - could not figure out how come so many thought that was 'the' white polish...maybe I got a bad bottle? You could skip the time consuming anchor (or practice it a few times on non nail surfaces - I bet it would go tons faster if you did it a few times)...but it would look great also with a red thin tipped strip and just below that even put a thin silver or gold glitter metallic strip like the Strip Rite ones or whatever you fav is...I use those a lot for a fast something on my nails.

    1. It took me about an hour to do both anchors, so thirty mins on both- that's a lot longer than I usually spend on nail art, I like to be a bit more speedy! And I find Revlon white the best white ever- it doesn't streak and it's almost opaque in one coat, I've nearly used a whole bottle. Maybe I got lucky and got a magical formula! I'm planning to get Alpine Snow when it runs out, so fingers crossed it's as good as my trusty Revlon!

  2. This is so cute! I love the nautical theme!


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