9 Days of Shimmer - Day 8, Vanessa & Stripes

Good evening all,
Today I have my favourite polish from the Shimmer collection to share! It wasn't my favourite from looking at the bottles, but once it was on my nails Oh. My. God. Holographic glitter. Tiny glitter particles of every colour, with a silver shimmery base. Amazeballs. 
I used Wet n Wild Black Creme as the underwear, two coats of Vanessa and two coats of Poshe. There might be a tiiiiny bit of picture spam going on here, but it's just so amazing. 
I love the green sheen on the picture above, every angle makes this polish look different! I decided to pop some stripes over the top with some more Black Creme- and unbelievably, there was actually two minutes of sun the day I took pics so I managed to capture the amazing holo aspect of the glitter in sunlight. 
Hands down my fave polish in this series!
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  1. Amazing polish, I love how it shies in the sun! Great idea with the black stripes!

    1. Thanks so much! The sparkle in the sun is amazing, this was definitely my fave nail art of the series!


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