Cheater's Guide to Galaxy Nails

Fancy galaxy nails but don’t have the time to do the full mani? Follow my easy three step guide to cheat your way to them!

Step 1- apply magnetic nail polish in a dark colour (I used Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament, a deep purple) which only takes a few minutes extra than a normal mani.
Step 2- layer a glitter over the top- smaller glitters with lots of colours work best, rather than hexo chunks. I used Miss Sporty Sparkle Effects, I love the tiny rainbow glitters in it!
Step 3- add a topcoat to smooth out the glitter (in my case, Seche Vite)
VOILA! Galaxy nails :D The magnetic effect paired with the glitter makes it look like the sky at night. And to give it a funky edge, you can always jazz it up with a French tip or a crackle. For the french tip I used Miss Sporty Turquoise, as I thought it was a good colour to represent a planet! And I used Barry M Crackle Effects in Gold Glitter for my thumb and accent finger.
It might not be as good as the real deal, but I do like me a lazy option!



  1. Haha it IS a good lazy option, those look great! Now if they could just make a cheaper magnetic polish... ;)

  2. wow those look amazing! i love the ones with teal tips!


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