Nails Inc. Magnetised

Today I’m swatching Nails Inc. Magnetic polish! My mum got it for me to say thanks for doing her nails (I don’t think I would ever drop £14 on nail varnish......Deborah Lippman glitters aside that is!) and I was so excited to try it out. There are three available colours: purple, gold and silver, and I got the purple, Houses of Parliament.
It’s surprisingly easy to do- the polish comes with an outer lid, which holds the magnet. I applied one coat of the polish, then nail by nail painted a thick second coat and quickly held the magnet over that for twenty seconds. It barely took any longer than a normal mani, and to get such different looking nails for ten minutes of work is fine by me! And you can actually see the pattern emerging as you hold the magnet over it, it’s amazing!

left hand
right hand
The pictures capture the effect really well- they look really unusual but elegant. The colour of the polish before being magnetised is lovely as well- you can see in the picture below how velvety it is. My pinky and ring finger are magnetised, and the middle and pointer finger are just one coat.

before and after
Loves it!
What do you guys think about the magnetised look?



  1. This is so lovely, such a great idea :)I think I am going to try the 17 ones later, think that is the brand in boots anyway :) will keep u posted xx

  2. I got this a few weeks ago but, haven't tried it yet! IT looks great on you!!


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