Cherries...or Boobies?

Hello all!

Hope you're well- I've been sniffling like a fluey pig and generally feeling very sorry for myself this week! Caught my boyfriend's evil cold and I've been pathetic since the weekend. I did manage to squeeze in a quick mani yesterday though and I love it, so it's cheered me up a bit!

I've wanted to do cherries for aaaaaages, and the minute I thought of cherries I knew I wanted to do them with a really rosy pink background. Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream is the softest, prettiest pink I have and it was the perfect base colour. Look at the swatches below and you'll see what I mean!

 I let the base coat dry and then used a dotting tool to paint the cherries in Clarins Golden Red- the richest, classiest red I've ever seen. I've have it since I was about twelve (I remember playing dress up with my mum's polish before I stole it!) and it's still in really good nick. I seriously need to buy a new one though- it's so hard to find a bright red that isn't tacky and cheap looking, and this one is proper fifties pin up red!

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tools of the trade
The little cherry stems were painted with a teeeeeeeny little paint brush and Barry M Spring Green- steady hand a must! Then once they were dry I used the same brush to dot the white marks on, to make the cherries look really shiny (I used a french tip whitener for the white, can't even remember what one!) Then once it was dry I covered the lot in Seche Vite. Word of advice if you're going to try this- give the cherries a good half an hour to dry before you put the SV on, I applied mine way too early and dragged my entire thumb :( I had to emergency repair with an orange stick and touch up with Strawberry Ice Cream! 

I absolutely love how sweet these are! Although my charming boyfriend did point out that some of the cherries look like 'little red boobies!' And after sulking for a bit I had to reluctantly concur that some of them did in fact resemble breasticles! I think the trick is to make sure that the white shiny dots go on the very edge of the cherry....rather than floating around in the middle somewhere!

(there's a particularly boob like pair on my left ring finger right at the top...haha!)


  1. Ok I definitely giggled at the boobies... but these look great, what a fun mani!

  2. These are great. I really love the Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream. What a beautiful pink! You did a great job on the boobies.. um, I mean cherries, ;) Seriously, the cherries are really cute. I may have to try this mani soon. :P


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