Bows and Presents

Hello all!

Apologies for my absence- I've been in Ireland all week doing a harp exhibition. Sounds glamorous? I thought it did....initially! But after a day of lugging huge heavy boxes around, unpacking harps, loading vans and rummaging through music shelves I realised there was no glamour involved whatsoever! I was so worried about breaking a nail, as I usually have a MAJOR break every time I've done an exhibition (I'm talking one of those split to the cuticle, six months to grow out and paying for it forever breaks) but I managed to avoid any major disasters. I did take a chunk out of my middle finger, and I've filed them all down to match, but there we go.

I did my lovely friend Carys' nails for her on the weekend- she's wanted a mani that made her nails look like presents for ages so I obliged! She also bought me a brand new Seche Vite (as I've been whining about mine being on it's last legs for weeks) and Barry M Cyan Blue! Fully aware that I am totally spoilt and have the bestest besties ever :) 

 I used Barry M Blue Moon for the base colour, which needed three coats to be opaque. I stamped with Konad Red Special Polish and fauxnad plate m56. It was an absolute nightmare stamping with this- the pink stamper made the red polish practically invisible, so I had to just guess where to put the stamp! Not the easiest when you're stamping on someone else, as well as trying to place the bows in the same position on all of her nails. 
Despite the faff, they came out lovely- j'adore the colour combo of the red and the pale blue, and I'm pretty impressed I managed to get the bows fairly even! And Carys loves them, so as long as I've got a happy customer I'm pleased.

I've got LOADS of manis to update on here, so I'm going to be good and aim to post every day until I'm caught up.....a hefty challenge for a laze like me, but I am determined!

Hope you've all had a good week,


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  1. Those look lovely! Hope you at least had some fun in Ireland between all the lugging about :)


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