Drag-a-licious Pink Zebra Gradients

 I've been seeing a lot of gradient nails around with animal print stamped over them lately, and as I am a drag queen at heart I am LOVING them. I decided to go with bright, garish pink for mine (when in Rome!)
I love how simple these nails are to do- base coat, sponging, then a tad more sponging on the tips, stamping the zebra print then done! I really wanted to mattify this mani but unfortunately I don't have any mattifying polish :( Next payday it will be MINE though, I need it in my life. 
I used:
  • Avon Viva Pink for the base
  • sponged over that with from Sherbert Pink from George at Asda
  • sponged China Glaze Shocking Pink on the tip 
  • stamped fauxnad plate m57 with un-named black polish (officially the world's moat irritatingly PUNY sized full nail stamp, I had to double stamp nearly every nail on the sides!
  • topped it off with Seche Vite (making it all shiny, boo, it would look so much better matte!)

Can I just mention how AWESOMELY NEON this CG Shocking Pink is- I use it in about 70% of all my manis because I love it so much and I want its little neon babies. You can see in the picture below how eye catching it is on the tips- and I took that photo on the left outside, at dusk, so there was hardly any light on it. And still it glows! Amazeballs.

Not gonna lie, the cleanup wasn't fun, as you can see from the pre-cleanup pics the sponging got a liiiiiittle bit messy......! Bit of acetone and it was all gravy though. I'm not completely thrilled with it- my top coat dragged the print slightly, and I REALLY need to get a proper black stamping polish to make the designs more opaque and less blah. But I guess practice makes perfect!

Thanks for reading, big love!



  1. Looooooove it. I did something similar but this kicks my nail's butt !!!

  2. Seriously love, you executed this perfectly! Check out Kleancolor Black sometime, I find it's a good one for stamping (cheap and creamy)

  3. Ta very much! Kleancolor Black, I'll make a note of it- it can be SUCH a drag trying to get decent stamping polish in the UK though!


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