A Hearty Helping of Berry Ice Cream

This mani is from a few weeks ago, but I couldn't get the pictures off my camera until yesterday! I'd been dying to use the heart stamp of my Konad M3 plate and  thought the white and lilac would look really pretty together.

I love it, it's so pretty and summery- although it may as well be winter, the weather has been so bad lately, maybe I jinxed it with such a summery manicure! More likely it's the fact that I live in Wales and therefore will always be cursed with stupid amounts of rain!

Also, gotta say I was really REALLY impressed with how long it lasted- I wore it for three days (almost unheard of in Alice land) and had no chips and barely any tipwear! My job is really manual- I'm constantly moving big, heavy harps and fixing strings etc. and even though I wear gloves, little chips and tipwear are the bane of my life. I did remember to wrap my top coat of Seche Vite, so that might have helped somewhat.
Overall uber impressed though!

It took two coats to get a decent coverage, and to be honest could have used three but I was rushed for time (I find the light Barry M colours usually take more layers, wheras the darker ones are usually opaque in one coat if you're careful). Then I used the M3 Konad plates for the hearts. The actual pattern on the plate is a line of hearts, whereas I wanted the whole nail covered- I ended up doing individual hearts to fill the gaps, which was a bit more time consuming but worth it!
Best thing about this mani? The lilac is so light and easy to apply that it didn't need any cleanup- bonus!




  1. Super feminine and sweet, the hearts always call to me too~

  2. Thanks! Agreed, the hearts always lure me back....think it's my twelve year old inner child!


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