Raspberries and Cream

I've got a simple but pretty stamping design on today! My lovely friend Carys bought me some nail varnish to say thankyou for doing her nails (and generally being her private manicurist whenever she needs me!) and she got me this beautiful polish from Barry M. It's called Raspberry, which is perfect as it's the exact same shade of deep red as raspberries.

As with most dark Barry M colours, application was effortless- two normal coats and it was perfect.
I stamped with Konad special polish in white, using the bundle monster plate BM16. Some of the plates are so annoyingly small though! I had to double stamp my thumb and the edges of some of my nails, which was the most painstaking experience ever, especially as I get really OCD about the lines matching up properly!

I adore them, although they're so summery, I feel like I'm jinxing the slight chance we had left for good weather....!

Also, please excuse the random streak of red pen on my middle left finger- I accidentally swiped it with a permanent red marker in work and can NOT get it off....even acetone won't shift it!

Have a good weekend peeps,


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