Nicky Minaj Wannabe

Ever have the craving for blingy, chavvy, tacky nails? Well that's exactly what I had last week! So out came China Glaze's Shocking Pink. For the leopard dots, I blobbed 2true in Silver in random circles and then used a dotting tool to outline them in black.

They're great for a night out, as the pink glows under UV light, so in a nightclub they look AMAZING.

These are my 'night on the town' nails- I feel like Nicky Minaj and Jessie J's love child with these babies on my claws. And with the three layers of China Glaze, the silver dots, and the black outlines, and two top coats of Seche Vite on, I thought they would peel quite quickly, but they've lasted SO well with no chips or tipwear. They do feel quite bumpy though, I can't stop from compulsively running my finger over them to feel the odd texture. That probably sounds really weird and a bit pervy, haha- don't judge me! 

Catch you laterz


  1. I love these! They are too cute!

    Awesome job <3

  2. I love hot pink and leopard! Def going to recreate this look later!

    also I'm your new follower! Heyy! :)

  3. Thanks guys! And if you do a hot pink leopard print send me the link, I want to see!

  4. Super fun, love the colors! We tried adding a layer of glow in the dark to the base coat (before adding the leopard spots) and that looks pretty cool in the club lights too (wish I had pics but it was on my friend's hand)

  5. Ooh glow in the dark polish! Does it work with any base colour or does it have to be neon?

  6. i heart animal print! im gonna have to try one of these days...


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