Shocking Pink Wednesday

Thought I'd start my Pink Wednesday blog with a bang....and there's no bigger pink bang than China Glaze's Shocking Pink! I am obsessed with this neon- I bought it off Amazon for about £8, which for me is a LOT to pay for a nail varnish. It was totally worth it though as it's the most eye-catching, intense colour. Someone actually stopped me in the street to ask where I got it from- she literally chased me across the road! 

The first picture was taken in low light- as you can see the pink lights up even more, which shows just how neon it really is!

It's opaque in three coats, and it dries quite matte- it really needs a decent top coat to make it pop. Out with my trusty Seche Vite and presto! Instant improvement.

This picture on the right is the best representation of the colour ---------------------------------------->>>

 Is it not the most AMAZING thing you have ever seen?!

If anyone has any good neon recommendations let me know, as I'm dying to expand my collection.

Later peeps!



  1. I LOVE the pic that you said is the best representation! Love it. Now you are making me want to get my neon pink out, even though I just used it a few days ago :P

  2. I simply ADORE neons and this pink jumps at you with delight!!! My auntie calls me tacky when I wear them but that's just her opinion. For me;the brighter the better.
    Sadly though I haven't been able to purchase any this year; every time I save up for them someone or something else grabs it.

    Is there such a thing as a holographic neon????

    from sunny south ALABAMA ; keep flashing those fancy fingers!!!


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