Flip Reverse it

Returning to the mushy girl nails today!
People who follow my posts will know that I am a stamping fiend, I absolutely love it- so when my new Bundle Monster plates arrived from the USA this week I was literally squealing at the postman (who, incidentally, I am fairly certain HATES me, as he is forced to lug around the hundreds of parcels I get daily...sorry postie).
BUT. Have to be honest here- I am slightly disappointed. There's only a few designs I really loved, these hearts being one of them. The last set were so much better!

These were stamped with BM plate, with Konad special polish in white and pink. I love the reversed effect! It was really easy to do- I just painted my base white coat (Revlon white), sponged on my pink (OPI Come to Poppy) and applied a coat of Seche to speed it all up. Then on my stamping image I painted half white, half pink, scraped to the side and then stamped over the opposing colour. Simples!


P.s. anyone who got the Blazin' Squad reference in the rock


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