Ice Cream Sprinkles

I've been loving the sharp look of a tape mani lately- there's something soothing about having really neat lines on your nails! (which probably makes me sound like an OCD weirdo). 

I wanted my nails to look like ice cream, and they kind of do...the multicoloured glitters remind me of hundreds and thousands! This mani is Amy's Nail Boutique- Woodsie's Wish with NARS Kutki applied over striping tape.

This white polish I'm wearing is from Amy's Nail Boutique  - I love how she's always got polish stocked in her Etsy store! I got a few polishes from her and I was really impressed with how quickly they came all the way to the UK.

As a cheeky little bonus shot, here's Woodsie's Wish before the topcoat (sorry for crap phone pic). Application was a liiiittle bit goopy, but I LOVE the way the glitter buries itself in the polish.

I've really gotten into my indie polish lately. Got quite a decent collection going on now- I'll think I'll do a stash post of them if you guys would be interested in seeing it?! 



  1. that looks like funfetti cake! yum! id love to see your indies!

  2. I love it! So pretty! I've yet to do a tape mani. Unsure of where to get any tape...and I doubt I'd be any good at it.

    I love Woodsie's Wish! You make me want it!

    I sooo want to see your indie polish collection. :)

  3. A great idea and execution!

  4. i love the woodsies wish ones! they remind me of sprinkles =)

  5. amazing nails! xx


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