It was Acceptable in the 80s

Hello my sweetlets,
I am so excited about my post today. It was a long, messy road but j'adore the final result. I went to an 80s themed party on the weekend (I know, I know, lycra spandex of doom, WHY DO PEOPLE DO IT TO ME) and in between crimping my hair and cracking out the tacky fluorescent bling I whipped up these babies.

please excuse my oily cuticles...I look like I'm about to enter my nails into a bodybuilding competition!
splaticures are a messy, messy bizniss
These are super, super neon, but neons are a total bitch to photograph so they look quite muted.
I used: (deep breath)
Revlon White
China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Color Club Koo-Koo Ka Choo
Color Club Jackie Oh!
Color Club Twiggie
No. 7 Stand Back
Seche Vite
Thin straw
Newspaper (a must!)
Sellotape (also essential)

I painted two coats of white on my nails, taped off my fingers as close to the nails as I could, mixed a little nail polish in my palette, dipped the end of my straw in, and blew it all over my nails. I thought that I was going to pass out at one point!
N.B. I found that short, sharp, powerful puffs worked the best by far.
Also, it's probably worth repulsing you all by telling you that I managed to get spit all over my nails doing this. Classy.
What do you guys think about the splaticure look? I love it, but it is a LOT of effort, and clean up is a pain in the arse. Major dry cuticles from the excessive acetone! Also, mine peeled off in sheets two days later as it was so thick from all the polish.
As a bonus picture, here is my hand in all its 80s glory. All I can say is, thank god I was a teenager in he nineties. I love me some neon, but my lord, this is the decade that fashion forgot!
this hand was born in the 80s!


  1. I got so excited when I saw the little preview for this post -- this. is. awesome. Brava!!!

  2. Love this!! I have a blog with the exact same name! I LOVE that song!

    1. Ha no way! It is one of the best songs ever though. And thanks :)

  3. Love it! I've been meaning to do a super-bright splat-icure (SO stealing that) with that bright pink George polish you sent me.

    1. That would be an awesome splaticure colour! One word of advice- TAPE. SO MUCH TAPE! And newspaper....I still mangaged to get a blob on the sofa though, just WAITING to be told off for that.


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