Hearty Birdies

Hello all,
You may have noticed that I've had a bit of a blog makeover! I was long overdue one, so last night I knuckled down and sorted a new header. What do you all think? I suspect it might be a bit too in your face...half of me loves how massive it is and the other half thinks "Woah. Really?!" I'll probably end up changing it at some point but it'll do for now.
Onto the nails! Do you ever wake up with the urge to have the girliest, pinkest, softest nails? Well, I have these bizarre urges sometimes, and they cannot be controlled. When such needs arise, I head for my ridiculous collection of pinks and let my inner five year old do the choosing. I recently acquired Revlon popular (or Starry Night as it's now known) from my lovely polish fairy Kim in a swap, and it is just so lovely. It's a light pink scattered with tiny silver glitters, and a few bigger silver hexes thrown in for good measure.
This is three coats (wasn't the easiest application- bit thick and draggy, and it kept trying to give me bald spots) stamped over with Konad plate Q1 and black Konad polish. The hearts were (painstakingly) dotted on with a dotting tool.
So frustrating trying to take photos of glitter polish in overcast weather. Damn you Wales!
Popular on its own. So pretty!
These nails got soooo many compliments, I felt like such a lady wearing them. To remedy this unusual feeling, I've got a neon splaticure to show you tomorrow!


  1. Oh how I LOOOVE THIS! I love birds. :) I actually have a massive tattoo on my thight/knee that looks like this bird, but it's a little more frilly and the tail wraps around my leg to the back.

    Just a beautiful job! Makes me wish I knew how to stamp and had some stamping plates that awesome!

    Btw love the new layout. Your blog looks great. :)

  2. REally gorgeous! I still have Popular in my untrieds but she is really nice on you and the heart and sparrow really take this to another level!!


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