Covered in Diamonds

Good day my lovelies!
I have an EPIC nail polish to show you. Epic you say? Surely that is hyperbole- a mere nail polish cannot be epic? Well, it is- Color Club's Covered in Diamonds (aka my new lover).

Look at it. Is it not magnificent? It's layered over Wet n Wild Black Creme- I did one coat, and it was pretty, but not enough. I did a second coat, and it was even prettier, but still the flakie monster inside was not sated.

So the pictures here are THREE coats of flakie goodness. I know, I'm friggin' Goldi-flakes. But it was worth is, look at all the colours in there. We've got green, blue, orange, gold, pink. To be honest, they're not so much flakies as shards. Shardies? Whatever it is, I'm loving it.
Shall we get a close up?

Holla. Absolutely beautiful. Excuse me whilst I stare mesmerised for the rest of the blog post. It's referred to as 'opalescent', and the actual meaning of the word (from the dictionary) is: "The visual property of something having a milky brightness and a play of colors from the surface." Is that not the most perfect description for this polish?

did someone manage to bottle ice shards?
Now, it did take a bit of effort to get the shards to disperse properly- they sort of clumped together and had to be bribed into submission. Also, some of them were so large that it was a nightmare trying to get them to lie flat. But I persevered, and with patience (and about three layers of Seche Vite) it finally looked perfect.

direct sunlight-
love the shine explosion on my index finger!
 I toyed with the idea of mattifying it, to see how it looked. You can see here that I did my pinky (please excuse horrendous dry hands- this was taken on my lunch break at work so very rushed)

matte vs. shiny
It looks gorgeous matte- you can really see the depth of the flakies- but it was so much more eye catching with a topcoat. Some polishes are made to be blindingly shiny, and I think was is one of them.
Loves it!


  1. LOVE it! I have this one and I can't believe I haven't tried it yet, I will now though! <3

  2. yours looks way better than mine!

    I guess i needed 3 coats! looks great on you!

  3. OOOOOOHHHH!!! I love sparkles!!! And I definitely need this polish!! I'm going to have to try to find it, ASAP! Thanks for sharing the gorgeousness! =)

  4. Wow this is gorgeous, another one to add to my list, thanks for sharing!! x

  5. Thanks guys! Anyway that I can spread the flakie wealth ;)


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