Funky Valentines French

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you're all being showered with flowers and chocolates. I got diddly squat this morning so I'm sure my trusty boyfriend has them all waiting at home for me for an evening of worship...ahem.

I wanted to do a pink themed one for Valentines Day, but I really didn't fancy a cheesy one, so i thought I'd mix it up a bit. I actually did this mani on Saturday, but it's still going strong. For some reason I never seem to get round to blogging on the weekend. It’s something to do in work, hehe, so technically I get paid to blog ;)
I used OPI I Pink I Love You for the base- four coats of this as it was very very sheer. Inhindsight it’s probably more of a French manicure polish, but it had the prettiest pinky blue sheen when it was in the bottle that I couldn’t resist. Sadly this blue tint didn’t really translate to my nails, which left me feeling slightly robbed. I hate it when polishes look amazing in the bottle and are just normal on your nails!

Then I thought to myself, it’s Saturday night, it’s 9pm, let’s live dangerously. So I added some leopard print with Konad plate m57 and Psyche Pink stamping polish. Look at you all, jealous of my party animal lifestyle…I can sense your envy from here.

I was going to leave it at that, but then I thought that the pink wasn’t quite popping enough (translation- it didn’t look drag queen-y enough for my liking) so I free handed some pink tips using OPI Be A Dahlia Won’t You? From the Nice Stems Collection. Have to say I am SO IN LOVE with this polish. Will be doing a full mani with this beauty soon and I will wax lyrical on it then so I’ll just shut up for now.

I always like to show both hands, as I figure I spent just as much effort on my right hand as I did on my left! Also, the nails on my right hand are better than my left...very strange as my right is my dominant hand. Usually people break more on that one because they use it more. I am an anomaly!
before the pink tips
Love this pink explosion- but it's been three days, which is a record amount of time for me to have a manicure on! 
Also, just want to add please ignore the formatting errors with my blog- for some reason it has started freaking out on me with weird page breaks, spacing,  gaps between photos and putting THESE <> <> <> little arrows of DOOM in random places! Hopefully I’ve got a friend who can fix it for me and it will go back to normal sharpish. I hate it when it looks messy L
Anway, do you guys have an exciting V-Day plans?! And if you've done any special manicures drop me a link :)
Catch you later,


  1. I love this look! I actually have done a bunch of V-Day looks. Here are the links back to my blog.


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