OPI Suede - Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

Ok so I have found a new love. OPI Suede. Where have you been all my life?!

This is three coats of OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow. I love the matte look, and when someone recommended checking out the suede versions I immediately got my arse on the internet to try one out.

The application was gorgeous, completely opaque and smooth with two coats. I did one extra as I've got silk patches on two nails (waging a serious war with the peelies) and they were showing through slightly. That is my ONLY issue with matte polish- any flaws or ridges are super highlighted. In the photo below you can see the ridge of the silk patch on my middle finger. Boo!

Also, they label says that you shouldn't use base coat with them- I ignored this and wore it anyway, it's too dark for me to risk staining. It didn't seem to effect the matte-ness. The other negative is that you can't use lotion with them, as it makes them shiny. For a girl dedicated to her fifty times daily application of lemon cuticle butter, this was HELL ON EARTH. I was sat in work twitching my fingers all day! For that reason alone this mani only lasted a day. *must- moisturise- cuticles*

I wanted to experiment a bit with the matte/ shiny duo effect so I did tips with a clear topcoat. And I adore it, I felt like such a classy bird wearing these! It's really subtle and sophisticated....what's happening to me, dedicated follower of the neon leopard print?! I must be maturing.

Delicious! The only downside of this is that it's now awakened a desperate need to have ALL of the suedes...damn you OPI.

Also, I've got some shiny flakie goodness for you tomorrow...stay tuned.



  1. this is so pretty! and i love the matte/shiny combo look!

  2. Oh goodness that's lovely -- would look great wrapped around a glass of green beer on St Paddys!

  3. Hi lady! I realize this is a fairly old post... but I thought I would comment just in case you still see old post comments! =) I am also in LOVE with all the OPI Suedes, and I don't even own any! =O Just in love from all the pics I've seen on blogs! I was wondering if you knew, could fill me in, on whether this line is discontinued? Or if it's around, just maybe not as common as the normal finishes. I haven't seen any in the normal stores I shop at (like, my grocery store, ha) but I wasn't sure if I went to a Sallys or an Ulta if they were just be hangin' out ready for me to snag, or if I might need to be hunting a little harder than that. =) And if you don't just automatically know, no worries, I just thought I would ask. =)


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