Purple Holo Flowers

One from the vault today! I had a different mani all planned for you, but I couldn't get the pics off my camera before I had to go to work :( So I'll postpone that til tomorrow.
This is a pretty little stamped mani I did a while back- actually way, way back! Before I had my camera, so you've got another set of dodgy iphone lucky things.
This is two coats of Color Club Fashion Addict (the holo version, booyah) stamped over with China Glaze Harmony from the Romantique Collection. The stamp was m73 from the Born Pretty fauxnads.
I just love the multicoloured holographic particles in this polish- I always think I prefer linear holos but then I see this and I prefer the scattered ones! There's so many different colours, it totally rocks out some rainbow effect.

And here's a cheeky little shot of Fashion Addict by itself. Don't you just love it when the bottle is a holo explosion?!
Fashion Addict on its lonesome
I loved this- it's not the most in your face manicure but it was so subtle and shimmery I couldn't stop looking at it. A work friendly pattern! Also, Fashion Addict gets additional love points for being holo under normal indoor lighting, not just in blazing artificial light. I live in Wales, where it rains solidly and overcast days are pretty much standard. Trying to get a decent swatch of a holo in natural light can leave you waiting months! This baby re-affirms my faith in holos.

Catch you later,


  1. this looks awesome, i love the stamping over the holo effect

  2. What a combo! It's amazing how those two colors blend so well together!

  3. Gorgeous! I tagged you for the Cute Blog Award.


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