Snow days and Snowflakes

It's been snooooowing! Words cannot express how thrilled I was on the weekend when I poked my sleepy little head out of the curtains and saw snow everywhere! I was especially excited because Lola has never seen snow before and I knew she would love it. For the uninitiated, Lola is my incredibly mischievous little Shih Tzu. She’s a fluffy little teddy bear and I adore her, but she is also the bane of my polish fanatic existence. She strongly believes that I leave polishes around purely for her chewing past time, as the lids are just so damn tasty, and that swatch wheels and my £8 Konad stamp are her personal chew toys (FURY doesn’t even begin to express the sheer rage that happened when I found it!)

Anyway I digress- a snowy day needs a snowy mani! I sponged on different blue for gradients, then used my Konad white polish to stamp on various snowflakes, before topping it with a later of glitter polish to make it extra sparkly.

Like I said in the disclaimer, sorry for the bad iphone pics! They don't pic up the sparkly glitter very much which saddens me :(

What I used:

China Glaze First Mate
No. 7 Stand Back
Barry M Blue Moon
Miss Sporty glitter top coat
Bundle Monster plate BM14
Fauxnad plate M59

And just for shits and giggless here's me and Lola enjoying the snow!

snow day!
Hope everyone had a good weekend, even if there was no snow involved!
Tomorrow I've got something cute, yellow and very busy to tempt you with.....see you then hopefully!
Alice (and Lola)


  1. i love how this came out! cute puppy! i have a shih tzu too!

  2. I love the snowflakes! It looks fantastic. Also, your puppy is adorable.

  3. ladyface, you are ADORABLE!!
    love the blog :)


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