Pirates of the Revvvolution

I've got a quickie today (and who doesn't love a good quickie?)

Pirate nails! Or more specifically, skull and crossbone nails.

 I got this stamping plate from this seller on ebay- he doesn't have anything listed at the moment, but it's worth checking him out as he has random plates all the time and they're pretty sweet. This one is QA8- it stamps well, considering I thought it would be very dodgy!

 I used Color Club Revvvolution as the base- hoping that a little charcoal holo-y goodness would peep out between the skulls- but that was a big ol' fail, it was too obscured by the Konad white polish I used. What's that I hear you cry? You want to see Revvvolution by itself?

Go on then...

Mmm...charcoal holooooo......*drool*


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